Frontière Médicale is a specialist medical distributor. Our expertise is in our company name; at the Frontiere of innovation, bringing new products to market.  We are experts in commercialising new technologies in Europe, as well as re-aligning under-performing products.

Our services include, consulting for development of strategic market entry strategies to all European markets, product distribution, and joint partnerships.  In addition to commercialisation of new technology we also partner with incumbent manufacturers/producers to realign their product strategy and sales efforts.

Frontière Médicale is a UK registered business and 100% privately owned.

Why Us?
The difference of Frontière Médicale from a normal distributor is that we don’t seek to ‘fill a sales bag’.  We focus on 4-6 brands and deploy our expertise in gaining market access via focussed strategic market placement of new products.

Immediate sales growth doesn’t happen overnight.  Our specialty is establishing a beach-head product position to build sustainable sales growth.   We collaborate with KOL’s, Government & Private Health groups to build sales and brand equity via clinical credibility/physician education & acceptance.

Frontière Médicale’s focus:

Collaboration with manufacturers on strategy adaptation, and implementation.
Launch strategy.
Building brand identity, and equity.
Establishing clinical credibility of your product, through evidenced based outcomes
Identifying market positioning strategies.
Consistent Sales Development.